The man at the center of a string of road rage attacks across Southern California is still being sought

SoCalTelevision reports from Los Angeles. The hunt for the Tesla driver at the center of a growing list of road-rage attacks across Southern California continues.

At least ten people have come forward to say they had terrifying encounters with the man.

It's been more than a week since Eyewitness News broadcast video of the suspect smashing a car with a pipe on Glendale's 2 Freeway.

People outside of California began to investigate as victim after victim came forward.



TizzyEnt, a popular internet sleuth, began sharing videos with his 5.3 million TikTok followers. According to the influencer, three people came forward with the suspect's name, which he gave to police.

Local authorities believe they have identified the man, but no arrest has been made.


In October 2021, one of the suspect's attacks included punching a woman in the face and leaving her with a black eye.

"Lately, social media has been a better platform and tool to finding the suspect than law enforcement has ever been, at least from what I've see and what I've heard,"

SoCalTelevision was informed by the victim.




"It's been concerning knowing that this case has been going on for a while, and the suspect has been walking out like the free man he is," the victim added.

Another victim, who had her tires slashed in West Hollywood in March, expressed gratitude for the attention the attacker is now receiving.



"For the past year, in part of my mind I thought: was there someone out to get me?" she said.

"All of these different accounts have helped me to realize that it wasn't me specifically. I'm just hoping, with all the exposure we can get something."


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