Recalls of children's products have reached their highest level in nearly a decade

According to a report, recall notices are posted every Thursday, but few people act on them.

According to Kids in Danger, the number of children's items recalled in the United States in 2022 surpassed 100 for the first time since 2013. (KID).

KID discovered that 34% of all Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notices involved children's products. Nineteen of them included lead content. In addition, the number of clothing recalls more than doubled in 2022, from 16 in 2021 to 32 in 2022.

Many recall notices are not posted on the CPSC's social media pages, and parents are rarely made aware of them, according to KID. KID discovered that recalls on children's items were generally corrected 25% of the time.

“Recalling companies must use all tools at their disposal to retrieve recalled products. This includes social media for every recall and other measures such as direct notification of consumers and marketing recalls to the same extent as they market products,” as per the KID report.


According to KID's data, there was a decrease in injuries and deaths before recalls were initiated.

“Recalls are the most direct way of warning consumers about unsafe products and removing them from the market and homes,” the report detailed. “This report shows that while CPSC is making progress in recalling more dangerous products, more must be done to make the recalls effective in removing products from homes.”

Every Thursday, the CPSC updates its website with new recall notices. On the CPSC's website, you can look up previous recalls.

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