Stormberg LLC Dog Food Treat Recall

Stormberg Foods LLC is now  recalling a variety of sizes and batches of our Beg & Barker Chicken Breast Strips Dog Treat, Billo's Best Friend Chicken Breast Strips Dog Treat, and Green Coast Pets Chicken Crisps Dog Treat products due to the possibility of Salmonella contamination. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NCDA & CS) notified the firm on July 6, 2022, that a sample they collected tested positive for Salmonella spp.

Salmonella can infect pets who consume contaminated pet products, and there is a risk to humans who handle contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after coming into contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.


Salmonella infection in healthy people should be monitored for any or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and fever. Salmonella can cause serious illnesses such as arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms in rare cases. Consumers who exhibit these symptoms after coming into contact with these products should seek medical attention.

Salmonella infections in pets can cause lethargy, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting.

Some pets will only experience a decreased appetite, fever, and abdominal pain. Pets that are infected but otherwise healthy can act as carriers and infect other animals or humans. Please contact your veterinarian if your pet has consumed the recalled products and is experiencing these symptoms.

Stormberg Foods and NCDA & CS are still looking into the cause of the problem.

So far, no illnesses have been reported.

The following products are affected:

Stormberg LLC Pet Food Product Recall list

See product images for verification of products being recalled. Coding information may be found on the back of each package to the left or right of the UPC code.

Between June 8, 2022 and June 22, 2022, the products were distributed. These products were packaged in branded plastic bags in cardboard master cases and shipped primarily to warehouses in California, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. Products are then shipped via the internet to retail facilities and consumers across the country.

Consumers who purchased these products and/or have pets who have become ill are urged to contact as soon as possible with all product information for return or proper disposal instructions. Customers with questions can reach the customer service department at (919) 947-6011, Monday through Saturday from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST, or via email 24 hours a day.

The Food and Drug Administration has been notified of this recall.

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July 12, 2022
July 12, 2022
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