Open AI rolls out Premium ChatGPT version available on subscription. via

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research center, is said to be launching a premium version of their successful AI chatbot, "ChatGPT Professional."

According to a LinkedIn post on Saturday by Linas Belinas, a financial technology professional, the premium edition will offer extra features such as less uncertain availability, faster response times, and priority access for a $42 monthly subscription.


"That was quick! OpenAI has reportedly started rolling out a premium version of its viral ChatGPT," he said.

"While the ChatGPT free version is still available, for $42/month, you will get expanded capabilities like less finicky availability, faster response speeds, and priority access to new features."

Given that, according to OpenAI, the cost of running the chatbot alone is more than $100,000 per day. According to Belinas, this amounts to more than $3 million every month, making the $42 monthly membership "really a deal."

OpenAI is getting ready to Cash FLOW with the best!

ChatGPT has 75 million monthly unique users.

If only 10% of these users sign up for the premium service, OpenAI could generate $3.46 billion in revenue in the first year!

At a profit margin of 60%, earning an incredible $2 billion in profit annually.

"The crazy part? This will be a money printing machine for OpenAI," Beliƫnas said.


The upgraded yet "beta" capabilities of ChatGPT, as well as the pricing of the plan, are subject to change based on the user's specific needs and the agreements reached with OpenAI.

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